There’s Going To Be A Sailor Moon Musical And It Looks Amazing

The problem is… it’s only running in Japan…

1. The musical is running from September 13-23 in Tokyo and tickets are about $70.

ID: 1333351

2. It’s an all female cast (including Tuxedo Mask) and a lot of the Sailor Scouts are played by actual teenagers.

ID: 1333355

3. Sailor Moon

ID: 1333336

4. Sailor Mercury

ID: 1333341

5. Sailor Mars

ID: 1333343

6. Sailor Jupiter

ID: 1333344

7. Sailor Venus

ID: 1333347

8. Tuxedo Mask

ID: 1333348

9. This big production is actually a revival of sorts. In the 90s, there were 29 Sailor Moon musicals that played over 800 times, finally shutting down in 2004.

ID: 1333455

10. There is unfortunately no word on it ever coming to America, though…

ID: 1333396


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