The Guy Who Did Rebecca Black’s "Friday" Made A New Song Called "Chinese Food" And It’s So Embarrassing

Yes, this video is real.

This is Alison Gold’s song “Chinese Food.” It’s about how much she likes Chinese food and it was written by Patrice Wilson, the guy who wrote Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

ID: 1805803

Here’s a quick overview of what happens in her video. She starts singing about Chinese food while walking around.

ID: 1805881

She then goes to a Chinese food restaurant to buy some.

ID: 1805880

Then she sits down to eat it. Also, the captions on the bottom of the screen keep changing languages for some reason.

ID: 1805878

Then she meets a panda and the two of them go off to a field to sing about Chinese food.

ID: 1805879

And they roll around and tickle each other.

ID: 1805876

Then the panda takes his head off to reveal that it’s Patrice Wilson, the rapping guy from “Friday,” and he starts rapping about Chinese food.

ID: 1805874

He does it while playing Monopoly with a bunch of little girls at a sleepover.

ID: 1805871

Then he eats wontons in a hat on a park bench.

ID: 1805872

Then he and a bunch of little girls dress up like geishas and dance about how awesome Chinese food is.

ID: 1805873

And then the panda flies out through the roof on a rainbow and the video ends.

ID: 1805959

All right!

ID: 1805960

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