23 Of The Best Sloth Tattoos Of All Time

Because there is no such thing as a bad sloth tattoo. “Live slow, die whenever.”

1. Okay, so this is a cute normal looking sloth. Which is a totally great way to go.

ID: 1053310

4. But don’t be afraid to get really adventurous with your dermatological ode to nature’s chillest creature.

ID: 1053313

7. Your tattoo should be as graceful and elegant as a sloth chilling on a branch.

ID: 1053320

9. As beauteous as a sloth hitching a ride on a speedboat.

ID: 1053346

11. Sloth tattoos can be really inspirational.

ID: 1053359

13. Or totally bad ass.

ID: 1053363

15. Sloth faces are distinct and interesting, but also kind of weird looking.

ID: 1053374

17. But you can’t argue they have a silent dignity to them.

ID: 1053396

19. And if you’re considering a sloth tattoo, remember the sloth motto:

ID: 1053395

23. Namaste. Sloth life.

ID: 1053307

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