#TextsWithGran Collects All The Adorable, Hilarious, And Brutally Honest Wisdom From Your Grandparents

It was started by comedian Ricky Gervais to promote his new show Derek and oh my God it is too heartwarming to handle. posted on

1. Ricky Gervais this week started the #TextsWithGran hashtag to promote his new Netflix show Derek and asked people to send him some sage advice from their grandparents.

Text an elder asking "What's the most important thing you learned in life?" Screenshot their response & tweet @BeLikeDerek. #TextsWithGran

2. The texts Gervais started getting back were incredible. Some were motivational…

6. Others wonderfully practical…

8. Oh, and of course, some shared real universal truths like the fact your mother knows best.

9. Or that children are pretty great.

10. Some offered simple tricks like being tolerant.

11. Or this whopping three-parter of grandmotherly wisdom.

13. Or that maybe when you’re older you’ll realize you haven’t learned anything at all.

15. Although, if you ask me, this one probably sums them all up pretty well:

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