People Who Think “Classic” Linkin Park Is Awesome

It seems like ’00s garbage metal is coming back into fashion. Linkin Park played the Billboard Music Awards last night, and their performance stirred up a lot of weird nostalgia on Twitter.

Okay, so maybe, this is like an irony thing. Like when people wear really ugly sweaters to Christmas parties…

Really, we’re going to call Linking Park classic? Like classic in what way? Classic like Queen or The Clash or The Rolling Stones? Or classic like remembering that VHS tapes once existed? Or do they mean classic in the way people used to spike their hair and wear JNCO jeans?

Yo, check out these classic JNCO jeans.

Alright guys, so we’re really sticking to this then, huh? We’re all going to remember our favorite classic Linkin Park songs? No one’s going to come to their senses about how genuinely awful rap metal was?

Well, actually, come to think about it, “In The End” is kind of an awesome song. And I do still know all the words to it. And also, man, “One Step Closer” is kind of awesome too. Most of Hybrid Theory is pretty great too. Oh, man, even Meteora had some good songs on it. Oh hell, I give up. Linkin Park was pretty rad weren’t they?

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