Oh My God, There’s A Cat In Russia That Wears A Bow Tie And Works As A Librarian

The world is a beautiful place.

1. Meet Kuzya, he’s a cat and he lives in Russia. Also, he wears a bow tie.

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2. Not only does he know that bow ties are cool, but he’s currently officially employed as an assistant librarian at the Novorossiysk Library.

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3. The story goes that Kuzya wandered up to the library one day and decided it was a nice place to live.

ID: 1648691

4. But there are restrictions about keeping animals in libraries — no matter how stylishly you dress them — so the staff had to petition for Kuzya to get a “cat passport,” which is, hilariously, a real thing.

ID: 1648684

5. Kuzya, not content at being just a normal pet cat, was recently upgraded to the title of “assistant librarian”…

ID: 1648685

6. It’s a promotion that was actually documented and signed.

ID: 1648686

7. So now, with a newfound sense of purpose, Kuzya roams the library, making sure everything’s in order.

ID: 1648688

8. That books are in the right places according to his meticulous organization standards.

ID: 1648689

9. And just all around spreading the joys of reading.

ID: 1648690

10. Hooray Kuzya!

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