Japan’s Version Of Grumpy Cat Is A Cat Who Looks Like He’s Permanently Disappointed In You

He’s not angry, he’s just, you know, disappointed.

1. This is Foo-Chan and he doesn’t want to be upset, but he can’t help it.

ID: 1577699

2. And he’s got a Tumblr and Twitter, but like whatever.

ID: 1577703

3. He’s sensitive. He’s fragile.

ID: 1577700

4. He can’t bear the thought of scratching the same post again.

ID: 1577704

5. Every day for him is just sleep, eat, lick, repeat.

ID: 1577705

6. Not to mention he’s still upset over how short the NSYNC VMAs reunion was.

ID: 1577701

7. Foo-Chan just wants to put on some Death Cab For Cutie and maybe read some David Foster Wallace.

ID: 1577706

8. “It’s just… am I chasing the mouse or is the mouse chasing me?”

ID: 1577708

9. What’s the point?

ID: 1577709

10. Catnip doesn’t have the same excitement it used to.

ID: 1577707

11. He just thought things would turn out better than this.

ID: 1577714

12. It’s like.

ID: 1577710

13. Is this all there is to life?

ID: 1577711

14. ♬ All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces ♬

ID: 1577717

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