James Franco Has A New Art Exhibit Called “Gay Town”

It’s an installation exhibit being put on by Peres Projects in Berlin. It looks like it’s, uh, certainly something.

1. From the press release: “GAY TOWN explores a variety of themes that are central to Franco’s artistic practice…”

ID: 879675

2. “…adolescence, public and private persona, stereotypes…”

ID: 879678

3. “…and other societal concerns such as society’s preoccupation with celebrity.”

ID: 879681

4. “Franco created most of the works for GAY TOWN over the past two years, making many of the works in hotel rooms…”

ID: 879693

5. “…and other temporary locations whilst completing other projects, mainly motion pictures.”

ID: 879694

6. Here’s an interview with Javier Peres, the art dealer handling the exhibit:

ID: 879699

7. James Franco’s previous artistic projects have included “a museum of invisible art,” which was essentially just air, which he sold for $10,000

ID: 879732

9. And several other art exhibits, like “The Dangerous Book Four Boys,” which involved “media including sculpture, video, photography, and drawing.”

ID: 879758

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