Homeless Koala Finds A Happy Ending

This poor little guy came back to his home to discover all the trees had been cut down. Luckily, a local farmer helped him find a new home!

1. Lee Rhiannon, an Australian Senator from New South Wales, posted this heartbreaking photo on her Facebook.

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2. This little guy’s home was destroyed after a patch of forest was cleared. Koalas are protected in Australia, but their homes, however, are not.

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3. Luckily, for this handsome young koala, two local landowners agreed to make sure he found a new home on their property.

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4. The rescue and relocation of the displaced koala was set-up by Australia’s Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, or WIRES.

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5. WIRES is still on the lookout for other confused and homeless koalas in the area, hoping to find new homes for them too.

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6. But it is good news for this little guy, who now has a nice new home.

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