Happy National Nicolas Cage Day!

January 7th is that magical time of year when we celebrate the birth of America’s greatest actor.

1. He’s one pretty cool cat.

ID: 791246

And he can definitely carry some pretty serious roles.

ID: 791280

2. He’s one of the best actors of our time.

ID: 791249

And he’s a pretty handsome guy, too.

ID: 791245

3. Some might even say he’s pretty sexy.

ID: 791251

4. He’s easily googleable.

ID: 791254

5. He makes the perfect resume.

ID: 791259

6. Fun Fact: The character of Thor was based on him*

*That is false.

ID: 791261

7. He was the best part of one of the best movies ever made.

ID: 791264

8. It’s hard to deny his intense screen presence.

ID: 791667

9. He’s got a lot of really cool stories.

ID: 791270

10. And he’s still a young guy, he turns 49 years old today.

ID: 791550

11. Although, that might not be his real age.

ID: 791556

12. He might be much, much older.

ID: 791658

13. But most importantly, he understands the importance of a good book.

ID: 791563

14. There’s no arguing with the facts, people. He’s an absolute delight.

ID: 791560

15. So chill out and just accept it.

ID: 791602

16. He’s pretty much out of this world!

ID: 791607

17. He’s kind of a magical guy.

ID: 791610

18. So happy birthday, Mr. Cage.

ID: 791623

19. We love you.

ID: 791618

20. You are the guiding light of our lives.

ID: 791718

21. OK, one more GIF…

ID: 791633

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