Guys On Instagram Are Now Doing Their Own “Makeup Transformation” Photos

I feel like they’re really overestimating the power of makeup…

1. Have you checked out the #MakeupTransformation tag on Instagram? It’s on Twitter too.

3. It’s become, like, a whole thing…

5. Guys have decided to try out their own four-panel makeup transformation pictures.

7. And it’s very quickly gotten completely out of control.

9. This guy totally nailed The Rock’s stubble.

11. And this guy figured out the secret to looking like Taye Diggs is just smiling while wearing a plaid shirt.

13. If makeup doesn’t do the trick, water and lighting can totally pull off a seamless transformation.

15. Wow! What a flawless Robin Thicke!

18. Jokes aside, this André 3000 is actually pretty good.

22. The power of makeup — just incredible.


The guy who pulled off the amazing Riff Raff was incorrectly identified as the user who took the photo. Twitter can be very confusing.

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