Did You Know You Can Turn A Pair Of Athletic Shorts Into A Cute Dress?

This is a very important shorts-hack that you should all know.

1. Get a pair of shorts.

ID: 1611964

2. Put both of your legs in one of the shorts legs.

ID: 1611966

Dang, looking good!

ID: 1611972

4. Also, feel free to accessorize.

ID: 1611975

Just make sure not to end up at a party wearing the same shorts-dress.

ID: 1611976

Looking good!

ID: 1611971

Shorts-dresses do a little risqué depending on how tall you are.

ID: 1612063

5. Oh, and shorts-dress pro-tip: wearing two at the same time results in a fantastic looking double sleeve.

ID: 1612022

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