Avril Lavigne Just Put Out The Most Cringeworthy Music Video Of The Year

UPDATE: Avril claims the video wasn’t racist because she’s been to Japan before.

1. This is the video for “Hello Kitty,” the newest single from Avril Lavigne.

Video available at:

2. It features Avril yelling things like “arigato” and “kawaii.”


3. Avril also makes a lot of, like, meowing cat motions at the camera.

4. As she walks around what appears to be Japan?

5. With her very bored-looking backup dancers.

6. “Please help me.”

7. She also plays a big guitar and does a weird dance thing with her backup dancers.


8. She has a Skrillex haircut now too.

13. Oh, and as if it couldn’t get any worse? Chad Kroeger helped write it.

14. And it also might be about him too.

15. And lastly, just a reminder: Avril Lavigne is 29 years old…

16. …and “Complicated” came out 12 years ago.

17. UPDATE: It seems as though the video has been pulled down off YouTube for copyright. You can still watch it on her website though.

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