Are You Too Old To Be At This Concert?

You’re the oldest person in the arena and you have work in the morning, this is silly.

1. So you’re at a concert trying to be cool…

ID: 713609

2. …but you feel a little overdressed.

ID: 713758

3. And you’re pretty sure this is what you look like:

ID: 713595

4. You try to start a conversation with the people around you.

ID: 713896

5. But everybody looks like this:

ID: 713629

6. Were concert lights always this bright and flashy?

ID: 713766

7. Who are these opening acts?

ID: 713768

8. Why does everyone seem to know the songs better than you do?

ID: 713861

9. Hey, but you’re old enough to buy beer, so you check out the prices at the bar.

ID: 713645

10. $12 later you walk back to the crowd with this much beer:

ID: 713807

11. You finally work up the courage to dance.

ID: 713592

12. Hey, this isn’t so bad, you’re feeling young and free — you’re one with the rhythm.

ID: 713776

13. You’re totally fitting in!

ID: 713881

14. Except you’re not…

ID: 713816

15. You’re feeling super out of place.

ID: 713832

16. Oh no… What if you’re…

ID: 713843

17. What if you’re the uncool old guy at the concert?

ID: 713867

18. This might not be your scene anymore.

ID: 713875

19. And that’s fine, because you can still rock out on your own.

ID: 713888

20. You don’t need to sweat in a cramped room anymore!

ID: 713899

21. And at least you won’t end up like this guy.

ID: 713912

22. Concerts are weird, anyway.

ID: 713918

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