Alabama Town Is Outraged After Accidentally Hiring Gay Cheerleading Squad For Their Christmas Parade

Reactions in town since the parade haven’t exactly been positive.

1. The Prancing Elites, an all-male gay cheerleading squad from Mobile, Alabama, danced in a Christmas parade a few miles west in the small town of Semmes last weekend.

AP Photo/Mobile Press-Register, Sharon Steinmann

2. Townsfolk, however, were appalled, apparently not knowing that The Prancing Elites were planned for the parade.

AP Photo/Mobile Press-Register, Sharon Steinmann

3. Here’s a few GIFs of a typical Prancing Elite dance routine.


4. Their particular kind of dancing is called J-setting, a cheerleading/hip hop hybrid started at Jackson State University.


5. FOX 10 reports that as the dancers made their way down the street parade-watchers jeered at the dancers and made comments.

6. Semmes resident Claudia Davis told FOX 10 that she’s furious no one knew the dancers were planned for the parade.

7. According to, Karen McDuffie, who was in charge of accepting applications for the event, didn’t think they would dress as vulgarly as they did.

8. McDuffie said that after the parade she received numerous angry phone calls from parents:

McDuffie, who is on the board of directors of the Friends of Semmes, the group that created the parade, said the Prancing Elites’ moves were “vulgar” and “not appropriate for a children’s Christmas parade,” before apologizing on behalf of the organization.

She said she received calls from dismayed parents, warning her that they would not attend next year if the group performed again.

9. The Prancing Elites took to Facebook to clear up exactly how they ended up in the Semmes parade, posting emails they exchanged with the town of Semmes.

15. The Prancing Elite have been fairly optimistic about the entire mix-up, and posted this message to their fans over the weekend.

Divided we stand, Together we fall…. only GOD can judge us… This is our life and we have to answer to one man… We’ve been all over the country doing what we love… We didnt ask Shaquille O’neal to tweet our video… we didn’t ask America’s Got Talent to send for us… nor did we ask Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, to send for us to come to Los Angeles to perform on their show… but they did because they saw the talent…and not our GENDER… We don’t need hype from a small town Christmas Parade.. ijs … We have wayyyyy more important things under our belt and that we are working on for 2014, than to entertain the constant negativity we keep receiving… at the end of the day, if you don’t want to watch our show, CHANGE THE CHANNEL…. this our life again… negative publicity is still PUBLICITY… We are still human and have feelings… if people stop worrying about Prancing Elites then their life my suck a little less…. Happy Sunday to all….

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