4chan Is Currently Entering A “Fat Creep” Named Charles In Radio Contests All Over The Country

Oh, this will end well.

1. Last week, 4chan users decided it would be funny to vote for a 39-year-old man named Charles to win a chance to meet Taylor Swift in a radio contest so he could sniff her hair.

2. Charles made it to first place and stayed there for a considerable amount of time.

3. That is, until the radio station, Boston’s Kiss 108, ended the contest because it was “compromised.”

6. There’s also a petition demanding that Charles gets to sniff Taylor Swift’s hair.

7. 4chan users then set their sights on a different contest, being organized by New York’s z100.

8. The contest ended a day earlier, with Charles getting as high in the leaderboard as number 5.

9. 4chan then moved on to a Jonas Brothers meet-and-greet also organized by z100 that has also closed.

12. After The Jonas Brothers contest ended, users started targeting a San Diego radio station’s contest to meet One Direction.

13. Over night, he went from 131st on the leaderboard to number 66.

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