39 Fast-Food Restaurants Definitively Ranked From Grossest To Least Gross

These rankings DO NOT reflect taste, only overall “grossness,” OK?

Grossest thing about it: There’s nowhere to sit except your car or outside on weird picnic tables and the meat is typically very damp.

Why it’s great anyways: Everything they do with bacon is magical.

ID: 1606489

38. Blimpie

ID: 1606267

Grossest thing about it: Let’s be real, their sandwiches have the consistency of a newspaper.

Why it’s great anyways: Sometimes you want something simple and quick, and it’s super affordable!

ID: 1606501

37. White Castle

ID: 1606271

Grossest thing about it: Everything.

Why it’s great anyways: Because you’re stoned and it’s perfect.

ID: 1606515

Grossest thing about it: Subway may not be the worst fast-food place, but it’s definitely overwhelmingly lazy. Plus, the turkey is basically just meat-flavored rubber.


ID: 1606537

35. Roy Rogers

ID: 1606276

Grossest thing about it: It’s all just grease.

Why it’s great anyways: It’s all just grease.

ID: 1606541

Grossest thing about it: It’s like Subway but it smells funny and costs slightly more, and they put weird peppers in stuff for no reason.

Why it’s great anyways: The bread is incredible and they have an excellent sauce selection.

ID: 1606633

33. Boston Market

ID: 1606598

Grossest thing about it: It’s a known scientific fact that Boston Market is just, like, really gross. It’s like rubbery, wet versions of your least favorite Thanksgiving food.

Why it’s great anyways: That being said, they have decent cornbread.

ID: 1614275

32. Panda Express

ID: 1606293

Grossest thing about it: Let’s be honest — it’s the Chinese food you eat at the airport or mall when all other Chinese food options have been rendered impossible.

Why it’s great anyways: Two words: Orange chicken.

ID: 1614215

31. Dairy Queen

ID: 1606281

Grossest thing about it: It’s meh; it’s overwhelmingly meh.

Why it’s great anyways: Oreo Blizzards are a perfect thing. Also, their chicken fingers, can’t forget the chicken fingers.

ID: 1614230

30. Nathan’s Famous

ID: 1606289

Grossest thing about it: Even the real Nathan’s is kind of grotty, so it’s no surprise that the knockoff fast-food versions of Nathan’s are a little icky. The hot dogs are pretty rough.

Why it’s great anyways: Even mediocre dogs are no match for piles of cheese.

ID: 1614246

29. A&W Restaurants

ID: 1606306

Grossest thing about it: A&W is like the definition of a fast-food place you drive by and never think about going into.

Why it’s great anyways: Their burgers are perfectly good fast-food burgers.

ID: 1614291

Grossest thing about it: All of their food tastes the same. They have like one spice that they use for everything.

Why it’s great anyways: Oh my god, their french fries. Also, have you ever covered their biscuits in honey?

ID: 1606523

27. KFC

ID: 1606320

Grossest thing about it: KFC is definitely in that category of fast food where you might end up eating a thing that fell in the fryer by accident. Plus, their menu changes constantly, which is frustrating.

Why it’s great anyways: Double Down with a side of French fries right after they come out of the fryer. Double Down with a side of French fries right after they come out of the fryer. Double Down with a side of French fries right after they come out of the fryer.

ID: 1614317

26. Bojangle’s

ID: 1606612

Grossest thing about it: Southern variant of KFC or Popeyes, but it’s a little bit classier. Sorta. Maybe.

Why it’s great anyways: Can’t go wrong with the chicken and biscuits.

ID: 1614329

25. Combination Taco Bells

ID: 1606305

Grossest thing about it: It’s a mystery of the universe as to why, but for some reason, combination Taco Bells are always grosser than regular Taco Bells.

Why it’s great anyways: Sometimes they let you order between menus at the same time, which means you can make a Pepperoni Personal Pizza Doritos Locos Popcorn Chicken Taco.

ID: 1614341

24. Taco Bell

ID: 1606323

Grossest thing about it: Taco Bell has come a long way in the last 10 years — somehow as they started putting Doritos in their food, the decor became a lot nicer.

Why it’s great anyways: They use, like, five ingredients, and everything they make with those ingredients is perfect.

ID: 1614351

23. Dunkin’ Donuts

ID: 1606328

Grossest thing about it: Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t that gross, until the sun goes down and then it gets…well, interesting…

Why it’s great anyways: You’re hungover, you’re needing some kind of breakfast thing, they give you a breakfast thing, and you eat that thing, and it is good.

ID: 1614381

22. Long John Silver’s

ID: 1606333

Grossest thing about it: No lie, they at one point were selling a meal that was scientifically determined to be the worst thing you could eat in America.

Why it’s great anyways: Things that are bad for you taste better than things that are good for you. That’s also a scientific fact.

ID: 1614399

21. Church’s Chicken

ID: 1606407

Grossest thing about it: It’s probably the least gross fried chicken joint on this list. It’s not super classy, it’s just classier than anything else on this list.

Why it’s great anyways: Bro, jalapeño bombers, dude.

ID: 1614412

20. Burger King

ID: 1606360

Grossest thing about it: Burger King burgers are pretty sketch, they usually have weird sauces, on them or they’re ultra greasy. There’s usually just something off about everything.

Why it’s great anyways: That said, they have mozzarella sticks, and sometimes you just really want to eat a burger that leaves a shadow on its wrapper.

ID: 1614435

Grossest thing about it: Wendy’s is definitely a little more “upscale” than McDonald’s, but it’s also a little boring. They try to offer people classier food, but it always comes out kind of strange looking.

Why it’s great anyways: You ever eat, like, 10 $1 junior bacon cheeseburgers in one sitting?

ID: 1614475

18. Chick-fil-A

ID: 1606618

Grossest thing about it: Their politics.

Why it’s great anyways: Boy, howdy do they have excellent waffle fries.

ID: 1614486

17. McDonald’s

ID: 1606368

Grossest thing about it: McDonald’s is a classic. McDonald’s is the Walmart of food. You go there too much and you feel kind bad about it but it’s the easiest thing to do sometimes.

Why it’s great anyways: There are two kinds of people in this world: People who understand that they have the best fast-food French fries and people who are lying about how McDonald’s doesn’t have the best fast-food French fries.

ID: 1614456

16. Carl’s Jr.

ID: 1606458

Grossest thing about it: The fact they’re not on the East Coast, dangit.

Why it’s great anyways: Their shakes are pretty fantastic.

ID: 1614505

15. Jack In The Box

ID: 1606390

Grossest thing about it: They’re open 24 hours a day, so it definitely gets a little weird there at night.


ID: 1614517

14. Arby’s

ID: 1606389

Grossest thing about it: The only thing gross about Arby’s is how many beautiful heaps of roast beef food you’ll stuff your sorry face with at an Arby’s in one sitting.

Why it’s great anyways: This is, without a doubt, the place you go to when you want to eat fast-food bacon.

ID: 1614527

13. Taco John’s

ID: 1606603

Grossest thing about it: Soggy tacos. Also, they have tater tots slathered in nacho toppings that are only gross because they probably shouldn’t be eaten by humans, but are, in fact, incredible.

Why it’s great anyways: Because even soggy, every single thing they have is lovely.

ID: 1614547

12. Taco Cabana

ID: 1606601

Grossest thing about it: Taco Cabanas are pretty darn classy and would be higher up if they would maybe come further east!

Why it’s great anyways: They serve alcohol and their food is perfect, ‘nuff said.

ID: 1614592

11. Whataburger

ID: 1606396

Grossest thing about it: How much you’ll eat if you live near one.

Why it’s great anyways: There’s a reason why anyone you’ve ever met from Texas won’t shut up about these bad boys.

ID: 1614601

10. Jimmy John’s

ID: 1606605

Grossest thing about it: Jimmy John’s is probably your least gross choice when it comes to fast-food sandwiches.

Why it’s great anyways: People from the Midwest love Jimmy John’s in a way that actually beats Texans’ love of Whataburger, and that’s seriously impressive.

ID: 1614631

9. Starbucks

ID: 1606401

Grossest thing about it: It’s Starbucks.

Why it’s great anyways: Because sometimes you just really want to sit in a big chair and drink an overpriced cup of coffee and listen to Norah Jones. It’s peaceful!

ID: 1614653

8. Tim Hortons (American, not Canadian)

ID: 1606400

Grossest thing about it: You have to go to Canada to really appreciate it. Ew, Canada. JK, but seriously, American Tim Hortons just, sadly, don’t live up.

Why it’s great anyways: There’s a very good chance that there are no other restaurants in Canada except for Tim Hortons. Also, their coffee is perfect.

ID: 1614643

Grossest thing about it: You have to eat it in your car, and they’re notorious for torturing people by advertising in areas where there aren’t any Sonics — which isn’t just gross, it’s evil.

Why it’s great anyways: A foot-long Coney dog with tots and a cherry limeade will change your life. Also, they sell burgers that come ON TEXAS TOAST.

ID: 1614670

Grossest thing about it: Del Taco is pretty not gross, but the food there will definitely make you feel gross after you’re done gorging on it like a crazed animal.

Why it’s great anyways: They have a Chili. Fries. Burrito.

ID: 1614701

5. Qdoba Mexican Grill

ID: 1606434

Grossest thing about it: It’s pretty impressive how dedicated Qdoba is to having fresh ingredients.

Why it’s great anyways: That being said, their food is pretty meh, compared to other Mexican options, such as…

ID: 1614737

4. Moe’s Southwest Grill

ID: 1606429

Grossest thing about it: Moe’s is the quirky, kind of odd Mexican sit-down fast-food restaurant, but holy cow do their burritos pack a punch.

Why it’s great anyways: Not only is their food a gift from the burrito gods, they easily have the best salsa bar of any fast-food place.

ID: 1614760

3. Five Guys

ID: 1606421

Grossest thing about it: The only bad thing about Five Guys is that it’s pretty expensive for fast food, and if you have a peanut allergy you can’t really go in there.

Why it’s great anyways: They let you make your own burger, which means that there’s nothing stopping you from ordering a double patty bacon cheese burger with jalapeños, mushrooms, onions, barbecue sauce, ketchup, and mayo and a steaming massive bag of Cajun-style fries.

ID: 1614727

2. In-N-Out

ID: 1606423

Grossest thing about it: In-N-Out is the fast-food Illuminati: Everything they make is expert-level, face-stuffingly good, but also, for the unfamiliar, totally mysterious.

Why it’s great anyways: Animal style.

ID: 1614766

1. Chipotle Mexican Grill

ID: 1606438

Grossest thing about it: What it does to you when you’re done eating it…

Why it’s great anyways: Chipotle is the least gross place you can eat fast food at. It’s ALMOST not fast food — like a human among neanderthals, it operates on a pretty high level of junk-foody goodness.

ID: 1614780

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