32 Dogs Who Are Completely In Over Their Heads

Dogs love making their humans happy, but man, are they dumb sometimes.

1. They can’t help you in the office.

ID: 1329733

2. Excel sheets?

ID: 1329741

3. Setting up iCal events for meetings?

ID: 1329757

4. Customer service?

ID: 1329802

5. Nope.

ID: 1329830

6. They can’t be doctors.

ID: 1329762

7. And they’re terrible with hair.

ID: 1329724

8. You put them on a construction site and it’s like, yo, dog, what’s your deal?

ID: 1329840

10. They can’t go to school.

ID: 1329754

11. And definitely can’t do science.

ID: 1330705

12. Driving a car?

ID: 1329737

13. Nope.

ID: 1329814

14. They’re even worse at fixing a car.

ID: 1329731

15. Oh my God, what are you even doing?

ID: 1329740

16. And if you even think for a second they belong behind the controls of a plane…

ID: 1329819

17. You’re dead wrong.

ID: 1329845

18. OK, yeah, this should go without saying: Dogs do not belong in the military.

ID: 1329748

19. That dog can’t even tell that soldier what he’s looking at because dogs can’t speak English.

ID: 1329811

20. Law enforcement?

ID: 1329729

21. Yeah, right.

ID: 1329812

22. Dogs don’t appreciate good fiction OR nonfiction.

ID: 1329820

23. And if they win at video games it’s probably an accident.

ID: 1329743

24. Don’t even get me started on gambling!

ID: 1329843

25. And they’re horrible around the house.

ID: 1329745

26. What are you doing?

ID: 1329760

27. Stop that!

ID: 1329834

28. How are you even sitting on that bike? You have a tail.

ID: 1329755

29. They’re awful at celebrating religious holidays.

ID: 1329804

30. You don’t even need the wrapping paper; the present is a gift card and it’s in a bag, oh my God.

ID: 1329805

31. Ugh, use the autofocus!

ID: 1329846

32. They’re not even good at being deep.

ID: 1329823

But you know what you know they are good at?

ID: 1330683

Being dogs.

ID: 1330692

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