15 A Cappella Skrillex Covers Ranked From Worst To Best

Nailing the “vtvzzzz bawshwahwubwubwub” sound is harder than you think.

15. “My Name Is Skrillex”

How Many Wubs out of 10? 1/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This kid has the swagger, he’s got the delivery, he can do the “chsh chsh” sounds, but this really just didn’t come together. Also, this video is probably a joke.

14. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 1.5/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Looking at this YouTube channel, it’s a kid who usually just does WWE reviews, but he belongs on this list because he gave it his best shot and he totally got the “bawananananana” and the “ohhhyeaaahhohohohohoh” parts. And he NAILS the “Oh my God!” thing.

13. “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 3/10 wubs
How’s it sound? It’s a little pitchy in the “ooohyeaaaahhh oosh nah nah nah” opening. It’s an ensemble though, so automatically it’s pretty awesome. But they could have done the “bah bah jah dahs” in the break a little better.

12. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 4.5/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Starts out kinda so-so during the “oosh nah nah nah” part, but this kid can really beatbox and during the robot “vssst oh wahwahwah oovah vah” dub break he gets really into it and it sounds pretty great.

11. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 5.5/10 wubs
How’s it sound? He gets the right pitch for “oh waah waah nah nah nah ohwahwahwah” but it gets seriously impressive when he gets rid of his mic and does the wubs without assistance towards the end.

10. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 5.5/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This is a polarizing entry because he only does the drum tracks from “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” but he does some so well that he really needed to be on this list. Towards the end he tries to do melody and drums at the same time and it’s definitely pretty cool.

9. “Cinema (Skrilex Remix)”

How Many Wubs? 6/10 wubs
How’s it sound? You’re going to think this is kind of a crummy cover. It feels very “meh” when it starts. But just hang around until this ensemble gets to the dub break around 1 minute. The crowd goes nuts.

8. “First of the Year (Equinox)”

How Many Wubs? 6/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This is the first multi-track recording on this list. It’s a little unfair to compete with people doing it in one track, but they obviously are very skilled. I just wish the guy in the video wasn’t so creepy looking.

7. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 6.5/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Another multi-track recording, but what’s cool is it’s done with a sampler, so you see him build up the loops live. He’s also the first person on this list that has the vocal range for the “oooshyeah ohwahwahwah.” But the real fun of this version is when you see him pull off the break around the two minute mark.

6. “Bangarang”

How Many Wubs? 7/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This classic a cappella arrangement has everything you’d want. It’s got “ttkattkas” and “ohwahwahwahs” and an operatic take on the “shout to all my lost boys” refrain.

5. “Bangarang”

How Many Wubs? 7/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Pretty similar arrangement to the last one, but this one has a little more pep. The previous was played pretty straight, but this one has a way more funky chorus and the bass section really pulls off the “oh wahwahwah” part.

4. “Bangarang”

How Many Wubs? 7.25/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This is artist uses a few studio tricks – nothing too far from just vocal work, just chopping here and there, but still. Definitely impressive though.

3. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 8/10 wubs
How’s it sound? This guy might not be the best at the a cappella aspect of a Skrillex cover, but oh my God does he do the absolute dirtiest beatboxing I’ve ever heard. There is no way to write out the sounds that this man can make with his mouth.

2. “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”

How Many Wubs? 9/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Okay, so this list hasn’t been about raw skill, nor has it been ranking production value. But this cover of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” is seriously unbelievable. He labels each new sound in the panels and I still don’t believe he made them all with his mouth. The dubstep breaks in this version are guttural and almost disgusting.

1. “First Of The Year (Equinox)”

How Many Wubs? 10/10 wubs
How’s it sound? Amazing. Seriously, seriously amazing. It’s all there. The “duggaduh wah day wah,” the “pshuhuh,” the “doodadooda,” the “meeeesshzzz abbabaadaaa.” This guy totally nailed it. And the only production tricks he uses are multi-tracking and a little reverb. Just awesome.

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