14 Bizarre Lyrics That Prove Flo Rida Knows No One Can Understand What He’s Saying

Hey, Flo Rida, you’re awesome, but what in the heck are you talking about?

1. “Whistle”

ID: 1379884

“Order more champagne, pull a damn hamstring / Tryna put it on ya / Bet your lips spin back around corner / Slow it down baby take a little longer.”

ID: 1379916

2. “Wild Ones” (feat. Sia)

ID: 1379889

“Number one, club popper / Got a hangover like too much vodka / Can’t see me with ten binoculars / So cool”

ID: 1379927

3. “Let It Roll”

ID: 1379893

“It’s like Woodstock city, brand new billion / And bark to the music, sucker than a psychic”

ID: 1379936

4. “Sweet Spot” (feat. Jennifer Lopez)

ID: 1379998

“As we hit them up so make cool a / Touch them to make the seas split 2 ways”

ID: 1380037

5. “Good Feeling”

ID: 1379982

Yes I can, doubt that I leave, I’m running with this plan / Pull me, grab me, crabs in the bucket can’t have me / I’ll be the president one day”

ID: 1379967

6. “I Cry”

ID: 1380057

“My heart to japan quake losers and survivors / Norway no you didn’t get my flowers / No way to say it better but the killer was a coward”

ID: 1380075

7. “Sugar” (feat. Wynter)

ID: 1380165

“Level with our trip, Im a lip bitin beast. / Man for them things, all 42 teeth.”

ID: 1380184

8. “Club Can’t Handle Me” (feat. David Guetta)

ID: 1380192

“Life of the club arrogant like yeah! / Top like money so the girls just melt / Want to many all know me like Twelve”

ID: 1380218

9. “Jump” (feat. Nelly Furtado)

ID: 1380258

“Super Bowl pimp good Year on tire / Can I be a bird, I gotta be fly / Butterfly and spur, and I got a couple words”

ID: 1380270

10. “Rewind” (feat. Wyclef Jean)

ID: 1380385

“I try sticking to the rivers that I’m used to / But these tears got me searching for an inner tube”

ID: 1380395

11. “Who Dat Girl” (feat. Akon)

ID: 1380104

“Attitude like we arguing / Wit her by meh celebrate, glitter to my life / I should twitter this is girl, she’s sparkling”

ID: 1380110

12. “In My Mind, Part 2” (feat. Georgi Kay)

ID: 1380311

“But, my fist up, rock star sign / Guitars just broke, in my mind / Was packing up, I might get by”

ID: 1380319

13. “In The Ayer” (feat. Will.I.Am)

ID: 1380345

“Like I’m at a ball game do my thang / Hands up high, I got money in the bank / I’m so fly 747 pain”

ID: 1380343

14. “Low” (feat. T-Pain)

ID: 1380279

“So lucky on me I was just like clover / Shawty was hot like a toaster / Sorry but I had to fold her / Like a pornography poster”

ID: 1380291

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