12 Ways You Can Tell You’re A Twentysomething Guy

Just stop. Let go of these ridiculous habits and man up with a bag of Ruffles® Chips.

1. Using empty beer bottles as decoration.

BFS Man / Via Flickr: bfs_man

If you drank it, it can’t be a tchotchke.

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2. Getting way too excited over video games.

You know they’re fake, right?

ID: 1624901

3. Wearing cargo shorts.

Cargo shorts = fail. Camouflage = double fail. Falling = triple fail.

ID: 1624754

4. Thinking Fight Club is the best movie ever made.

20th Century Fox Film Corp / Everett Collection

Doesn’t anyone even remember the first rule of Fight Club?

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5. The trucker hat had its moment.

Danielle_Scot / Via Flickr: danielle_scot

And that moment is over.

ID: 1528686

6. Loving energy drinks.

God made coffee for a reason.

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7. Dreaming of one day owning a giant leather sofa.


Isn’t that leather sofa fart sound a deal-breaker?

ID: 1624786

8. Tribal tattoos.


‘Cause really, what is your tribe?

ID: 1624875

9. Using the phrase “true dat.”

Go ahead and stop saying “YOLO” while you’re at it.

ID: 1625126

10. Covering your body in cheap-ass cologne.


If you wore it in middle school, it’s over. Put the spray can down.

ID: 1624858

11. Wearing jerseys to non-sports events.

Buzzfeed / Ben Rosen

It’s not an acceptable shirt. Period.

ID: 1625633

12. Wearing a fedora.

STAAAAAHP. No one looks cool in a fedora.

ID: 1625578

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