11 Baby Animals Who Fell Asleep At ‘Lincoln’

A lot of people enjoyed Lincoln over Thanksgiving weekend. These li’l cuties were not among them.

1. This mouse rolled his li’l mouse eyes every time a lonely trumpet sounded.

ID: 700144

2. This chipmunk knew he was in trouble right from the start, when the movie’s idea of an attention-grabbing opening scene was having a bunch of random guys recite the Gettysburg Address.

ID: 700161

3. If these leopards had wanted to look at a diorama, they would’ve made one themselves.

ID: 700099

4. This puppy thought there were going to be vampires.

“Abraham Lincoln: Amendment Passer”? No thanks.

ID: 700006

5. This bear cub tunes out when he feels like he’s being lectured.

ID: 700210

6. This kitten has never seen a stiffer, more lifeless movie. Seriously, it was like reading a history textbook.

ID: 700000

7. This hedgehog felt bad because America, but she just couldn’t.

ID: 700111

8. This chimpanzee found the endless parade of name actors playing historical figures to be tedious.

Oh look. It’s James Spader. Yawn.

ID: 700025

9. This squirrel KNEW he should’ve seen ‘Skyfall’ instead.

ID: 700128

10. These red pandas appreciated the artistry of Daniel Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Lincoln, but felt that the filmmakers’ reverent attitude toward their subject matter gave him very little room to work with.

ID: 700093

11. And this duckling was just sleepy.

ID: 700074

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