16 Care Packages That Any College Kid Would Love

Care package is to college as cigarette is to prison.

1. The “Good Luck On Your First Day” Care Package

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School supplies don’t have to be boring. Cool products like these Warhol quote “philosophy pencils” will give them some inspiration for their first day.

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2. The “Pun” Package

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Specifically the Despicable Me pun package– great because there are SO many food and craft tricks based upon those adorable minions.

Instructions for minion marshmallows here.

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3. The “This is All the Shit You Forgot” Care Package

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Nothing’s better than a beginning of the year reminder that you have the best parents in the world by way of a package filled with everything you forgot at home and were probably going to put off buying at Target for weeks.

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4. The “Hope It’s Not Mono” Care Package

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It’s an inevitability that every college kid will become ill at least once during his or her freshman year, and that first time being bedridden in a loud, dirty dorm can be rough. A “get well soon” care package filled with all of the essentials for beating a cold will definitely make it suck less. Throw in some Campbell’s chicken soup, cough drops, these pill-shaped get well soon notes, and of course some real medicine too.

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5. The Pink Pocky Package

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This package has the perfect personal touch for anyone who is a huge fan of things like manga, Hello Kitty, and Japanese candy.

Recipe for homemade pocky here.

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6. The “Home in a Box” Care Package

Obviously not New Orleans specific. Just grab some stuff from their favorite hometown restaurants/stores/teams to construct a care package that’s just the taste of home they’ve been craving.

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7. The “Hulk Up” Care Package

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Everyone knows that college is the time to bulk up, and a package filled with protein-packed snacks and supplements will aid building lean muscle in a healthy way.

Homemade Clif Bar recipe here.

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8. The “Box of Sunshine” Care Package

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This is an awesome out of the blue pick-me-up. Just go to a drugstore and pick out any yellow stuff you think they could use or would enjoy (or go with another color scheme if you’d prefer).

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9. The Birthday Care Package

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A cake in a jar and a bunch of “pop-me” balloons make for awesome box-fillers to wish a happy birthday from afar.

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10. The “Monsters University”

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For the collegiate Pixar Fan. Recipe for Monsters University Cupcakes here.

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11. The Movie Night Care Package

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This is a cute way to send them a bunch of their favorite DVDs that they didn’t have room to pack. Add chocolate covered raisins and some popcorn to take it to the next level.

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12. The “You Look Thin. Have You Been Eating Enough?” Care Package

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Just a cute reminder that you’re thinking about them. Recipe for yummy blueberry scones here.

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13. The Holiday Care Package

~~ghost poop~~

ID: 3660318

A package filled with decorations (and of course snacks b/c always snacks) will add a festive flair to any dorm room for the holiday season.

ID: 3660790

14. The Finals Care Package

ID: 3659452

Build this care package with a combination of things that facilitate studying, like chocolate-covered espresso beans and mint tea, and things that relieve stress, like this stress-relief bubble wrap.

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15. The Vegan Finals Care Package

ID: 3659458

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t get in the way of homemade brownies and candy. RIGHT??!

Recipe for Vegan Dark Chocolate Brownies here.

ID: 3659531

16. And the “Cut to the Chase” Care Package

Jessica Fisher / Via

pretty self-explanatory.

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