17 People Who Actually Love Bacon Too Much

Love is patient. Love is kind.

1. This woman who won’t tolerate bad behavior:

I put my boyfriend on sex restriction for a week because he burned my maple bacon....
ID: 3616510

2. This dude who needs to sort out his priorities:

While everyone is trying to fall in love I'd much rather be eating Bacon
ID: 3616523

3. This man who has a legacy to uphold:

I secretly give my baby bacon when my wife isn't home.
ID: 3616628

4. This badass:

I cook bacon while I'm in my underwear. I like to live dangerously.
ID: 3616641

5. This woman who found out the hard way:

I offered my husband sex in exchange for a bacon burger, apparently I'm not worth a bacon burger. Fml.
ID: 3616649

6. This person who is living a lie:

 I brag about being a Vegan but secretly eat bacon. A lot.
ID: 3616653

7. This dude:

I secretly use bacon fat instead of cooking spray in order to make everything taste just a little like bacon.....
ID: 3616657

8. This person who thinks bacon bits grow on trees:

I just used half a bottle of bacon bits on my baked potato. And I am not ashamed.
ID: 3617208

9. This emotional eater:

I once burst into tears because we ran out of bacon.
ID: 3616663

10. This woman who writes her own rules:

I converted to Judaism for my fiancé so we can marry. I still secretly eat bacon, he doesn't know.
ID: 3616668

11. This person who is single and not yet ready to mingle:

I enjoy eating bacon bits in my bed while I'm completely naked.
ID: 3616674

12. This woman who will always remember her first love:

I once yelled "bacon" while I was having drunk sex...
ID: 3616680

13. This student–teacher pair:

I once wrote a whole report on bacon. I got a "A+" with a comment saying "Amen!"
ID: 3616691

14. This hungry lady:

I was so drunk last night that I cooked the entire stack of bacon and I ate it
ID: 3616695

15. This man who figured out a very usual life hack:

New personal low; just made a bacon sandwich, using bacon bits because I was too lazy to cook some bacon.
ID: 3616707

16. This girl with an Oscar Mayer gift registry:

I told my dad to buy me bacon for my birthday
ID: 3616718

17. And this woman who only has eyes for bacon:

My boyfriend broke up with me because I love bacon more than I love him. No Regrets :)
ID: 3616632

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