21 Reasons Summer Sucks For Anyone With Big Boobs

Two words: underboob sweat.

1. Underboob sweat. Literally the bane of your entire existence.

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2. Trickling-down-your-cleavage sweat: clocking in at a close second.

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3. And cleavage sweat stains. Sooooo attractive.

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4. The fact that boob deodorant exists and that, now that you know that, you’re tempted to try it out.

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5. Moving on. You know when it’s super hot and all you want is to wear light, thin fabrics? They make bras like that!

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6. All the teeny-boobed girls around you are in cool strapless clothes. And you just can’t be.

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7. It’s swimsuit season. So, for you, it’s flash-everyone-at-the-beach-by-mistake season.

And nope, it looks nowhere near this attractive ^

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8. You get to do that fun thing where you have to buy an XXXXXXXXXXXL bikini top and a medium bottom.

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9. And if not, you face the dreaded leaking underboob.

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10. While we’re at the beach: Lying down is IMPOSSIBLE. Facedown means this happens:

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11. And faceup means you’re at risk of suffocation by your own boobies.

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12. Found an adoooorable summery backless dress? Probably. Found a backless bra that actually works for you?

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13. And when everyone else is adorable in crop tops, yours get a bit too cropped.

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And unless you look like Beyoncé, it isn’t very fun at all.

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14. Bought a pretty, airy button-down that’s perfect for summer? Haha, no such thing.

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15. Because in order for it to be public-appropriate, it is now twice as warm.

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16. You want to wear low-cut clothes to keep cool, but the twin girls see it as an invitation to come out and play.

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17. Also, hi there, stretch marks. Meet the whole damn world.

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18. Thinking of doing some fun summer water sports? Good luck strapping this on:

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19. These summery Instagrams that everyone else gets to do automatically turn X-rated if you do them.

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20. In fact, everything you ‘gram all summer is bound to scandalize someone or the other.


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21. Oh, well. Take solace in the fact that this joy is more delightful now than ever:

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And good luck, ladies. We’re aaaaall in this together.

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