25 Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Could they BE any cuter?

1. When they became pioneers in the art of greeting.

ID: 1714086

2. And making manly entrances.

ID: 1714095

3. When they helped each other self-reflect.

ID: 1714108

4. When they gave affirmation in unison, like so:

ID: 1714069

And when they disapproved in unison, as seen here:

ID: 1714082

5. When they made bromantic interior decorating decisions together.

ID: 1714085

Like trading all of their furniture and appliances for this canoe… Even if it wasn’t 100% voluntary.

ID: 1714087

6. When they burned each other with equal severity, displaying the equality in their relationship.

ID: 1714083

7. When Chandler taught Joey life’s important lessons. For instance, that it is always in 3D.

ID: 1714084

And how reproduction works.

ID: 1714122

And phone bills.

ID: 1714096

And human anatomy.

ID: 1714105

8. When they supported each others’ professional endeavors.

ID: 1720960

9. When they shared fears, as friends do.

ID: 1714093

10. When they unwittingly revealed their childhood traumas to one another.

ID: 1714112

11. When they fought. Because fighting is an essential part of every friendship.

ID: 1714113

12. When they went to London and took selfies together.

You know what they say: Friends who vacay together stay together!

ID: 1714114

13. The little moments in which they understood each other perfectly.

ID: 1714115

14. When their chick and duck were stuck in their Foosball table so they discovered their paternal instincts together.

ID: 1714117

15. When, together, they held on to the spirit of childhood.

ID: 1714123

16. When they went through near-death experiences together.

ID: 1714125

17. When they discussed popular culture in important, nuanced ways.

ID: 1714128

18. No, really.

ID: 1714129

19. When they gave each other surprise-back-hugs.

ID: 1714066

20. And they mastered the perfect jump-and-pounce-hug.

ID: 1714090

Seriously, look at that lift.

ID: 1714091

21. They also slid effortlessly into side-hugs, because they’d been at it for years.

ID: 1714134

22. Basically, they had every possible kind of hug down. Even the head-rub-side-hug.

ID: 1714137

23. When they shamelessly and unabashedly saved each other from romantic doom.

ID: 1714110

24. When they were both each others’ superheroes, as friends should be.

ID: 1714100

25. And when they boogied down unselfconsciously to celebrate their perfect friendship.

ID: 1714135

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