Aziz Ansari Is Revolutionizing Indian Fashion, One Sari At A Time


1. Last night on Conan, Aziz Ansari announced his new fashion line, “Aziz Ansari’s Saris,” saris with Aziz’s face on them.

ID: 2072627

2. Aziz is the best sari designer of all, because the word “sari” is LITERALLY IN HIS LAST NAME.

ID: 2072636

3. They’re perfect for the gym…

ID: 2072686

4. And for the club!

ID: 2072696

5. Watch the full Conan product launch here:

ID: 2072872

6. Even though this concept is 100% a joke, I would like to state, for the record, that if these saris really did exist, I would wear them everyday.

ID: 2072672

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