What It Was Like Growing Up With Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

The twins turn 27 today. Prepare to feel old.

1. You wished that you had a brother you could sell for 50 cents.

That was a lot of money!

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2. You wore out your Our First Video VHS tape.

And cried when all the film got tangled from rewinding it too much.

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3. You owned these dolls:

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And you knew that the one on the left was Ashley because she was more girly. Mary-Kate was totally the sporty type.

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4. You went through your rebelious stage when they did.

“Mooooooom, I just want to dye my hair pink. I’m not murdering anyone.”

ID: 1267094

5. You knew all the words to this song:

And you probably still do.

ID: 1266608

6. You owned one of these shirts from their Walmart clothing line.

ID: 1267329

7. Probably also this shirt because it was so cool.

ID: 1267366

8. You begged your parents to take you to Atlantis.

ID: 1266789

9. You were always afraid you were going to get trapped in a mirror thanks to Double Double Toil and Trouble.

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10. You totally owned their whole makeup line. So many sparkles.

ID: 1267426

11. Your movie marathons went something like this:

ID: 1267227

12. They taught you everything you know about foreign countries.

ID: 1267241

15. And you made your mom buy these even though they didn’t smell that great:

ID: 1267291

16. You wanted to have a party. Any kind of party.

Dance party, beach party, birthday party, pool party, sleepover party, homework party. You love them all.

ID: 1266883

17. Especially fashion parties.

ID: 1266886

18. You had a subscription to their magazine, even though it didn’t last that long.

Real talk for real girls.

ID: 1266928

19. You got annoyed when people couldn’t tell them apart.

ID: 1267299

20. You wore out your Gameboy battery rotating in between Get a Clue and The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley.

ID: 1267000

21. You wanted colored sunglasses SO BAD.

ID: 1267016

22. You learned this dance:

ID: 1267056

23. And seriously contemplated sliding around your living room in chocolate syrup.

It looked more fun than gross at the time.

ID: 1267061

24. This was what your book collection looked like:

ID: 1267153

27. Essentially, you just wanted a twin. So bad.

ID: 1267119

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