26 Times Joe Manganiello Was Too Hot For This Earth

Warning: Hot werewolf ahead.

1. When he wore this plaid shirt.

2. When he was like, “I’m sexy and I know it.”

Michael Buckner /__username__

3. When he breathed heavily.

4. When he wore a sweater that let his pecs peak through.

Rick Diamond /__username__

6. When he showed up to an awards show as a firefighter.

Kevin Winter /__username__

8. When he played football.

Michael Buckner /__username__

9. When he wore a tank top and his arms existed.

10. When he was working on his fitness.

11. When he showed off his stripper moves.

12. When he managed to even look hot with his hair in cornrows.

13. When he made this face.

14. When this was what his body looked like.

15. When he gave a lady a lap dance and you wished it was you.

16. When he only had eyes for you, even with half naked ladies around.

Christopher Polk /__username__

17. When he was super casual in gym shorts.


18. When he tried to look scary next to The Beast.

Getty Images

19. When being in trouble never sounded so good.

20. When he looked like a giant playing a Nintendo DS.

Todd Williamson /__username__

22. When he (maybe) hit a home run.

Michael Buckner /__username__

23. When he let the world know that it’s get better.

24. When he made LAX look like a runway show.

BJJ /__username__

26. When he was laying poolside.

Emily Shur /__username__ / Via menshealth.com

The end.

Go get some ice cream and cool down now.

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