18 Times Blake Shelton Made Us Laugh Out Loud

If Blake hadn’t been a country singer, he definitely could’ve been a comedian. Happy 37th birthday, Blake!

1. When he lied about his age.

ID: 1281641

3. When he wished us all a happy Easter.

ID: 1281902

4. When he did his best Cee Lo impression.

ID: 1281919

5. When he posted this picture of him and Carson.

“Ok.. Ok.. The truth is I’m only mad at @CarsonDaly cause he never called after our date…”

ID: 1281370

6. When he came up with new sayings.

ID: 1281648

7. When he asked this important question:

ID: 1281913

8. When he took the time to photoshop these:

“So shocked about these old pictures of @ChrisYoungMusic that are surfacing….”

ID: 1281662

“@whatupallie: @blakeshelton @ChrisYoungMusic I heard you did those kinda pics too” Ok.. Honestly I did.”

ID: 1281676

“@shelbyworth: @blakeshelton did @adamlevine have any of these photo shoots too?” Sadly yes….”

ID: 1281685

9. When he used his wife as leverage on “The Voice.”

ID: 1281703
ID: 1281709

10. When he got political about Lucky Charms.

ID: 1281769

11. When he admitted his other man crush.


Via: http://supernaturalwanderlust.tumblr.com/post/40004550536/x

ID: 1281718

12. When he showed Adam Levine his true feelings.

“Happy Memorial Day @adamlevine!!!!! You’re #1!!!!!”

ID: 1281744

13. When he wished us a happy Mothers Day.

ID: 1281883

14. When he made an attempt at dancing.

ID: 1281790

15. When he drunk tweeted.

ID: 1281991

16. When he did the fake-out handshake with Adam.

ID: 1282050

17. When him and Usher took their relationship to the next level.

“Had such a great first date last night… I’m so glad we’re finally going there!!!”

ID: 1282024

18. When he told Adam about Taylor Swift’s place in music.


Via: http://delenasheaven.tumblr.com/post/46349321224

ID: 1281868

Happy birthday Blake! Hope it looks a little something like this:

ID: 1282116

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