Peter Pan’s Jeremy Sumpter Finally Grew Up (And Got Really Hot)

Booking a one-way trip to Neverland with this hottie.

1. Remember Jeremy Sumpter?

ID: 1255331

2. 10 years ago, he made a lot of young girls fall in love with Peter Pan. And his face.

ID: 1255341

4. We all wanted to be Wendy Darling.


ID: 1255349

5. Well, unlike Peter Pan, Jeremy grew up. And boy are we happy about it.

ID: 1255374

6. He looks even better with a dog in his arms.

ID: 1255378

7. If this in an invitation to a rodeo, we are accepting.

ID: 1255387

8. He seems to be really into hats, but we aren’t complaining.

ID: 1255404

11. He even has a Peter Pan quote as a tattoo.

Lesley Bryce Vanguard Visions / Troix Magazine / Via
ID: 1255526

12. I don’t know what was in the water at Mermaid Lagoon, but it’s working.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images
ID: 1255593

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