29 Of Khloe Kardashian’s Best Moments

We all know she’s the best Kardashian sister. Happy birthday Khloe!

1. When she revealed the true form of Kris Jenner.

ID: 1313208

2. When she bonded with her sister.

ID: 1313167

3. When she did this to Kourtney’s face.

ID: 1313269

4. When she was real with herself.

ID: 1313141

5. When she learned to appreciate herself.

ID: 1313145

6. When she asked her sister a philosophical question.

ID: 1313147

7. When she yelled at Kim for being a bitch.

ID: 1313183

8. When she got emotional over how skinny she used to be.

We’ve all been there girl.

ID: 1313148

9. When she came up with a great new phrase.

ID: 1313170

10. When she dropped truth bombs.

ID: 1313149

11. When she told Kris what we all want to tell Kris.

ID: 1313151

12. When she knew the importance of having “a little ghetto” in your life.

ID: 1313153

13. When she hated Kim Kardashian’s song as much as everyone else.

ID: 1313191

14. When she quoted a Bette Midler song.

ID: 1313157

15. When she played with a cute monkey.

ID: 1313265

16. When she stood up for herself.

ID: 1313162

17. When she told the truth in a joking manner about Kim.

ID: 1313164

18. When she discovered the beauty of a men’s bathroom.

ID: 1313165

19. When she needed an amen.

ID: 1313200

20. When she got creeped out by pregnancy.

ID: 1313168

21. When she did a dance.

ID: 1313155

22. When she used the word slore.

ID: 1313172

23. When she still got the last laugh.

ID: 1313330

24. When she wore a unicorn mask.

ID: 1313284

25. When she discovered her love of the word troll.

ID: 1313178

26. When she made a weird bet.

ID: 1313201

27. When she made out with a giraffe.

ID: 1313248

28. When she did a rain dance.

ID: 1313291

29. When she celebrated her 29th birthday with a pajama party.

ID: 1313257

Happy birthday Khloe!

ID: 1313258

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