12 Times One Direction Forgot Their Fans Were Tweens

Just because the boys are 19–21 doesn’t mean their fans are.

1. When Harry shared this picture on Instagram:

ID: 1221222

2. That time Niall called his fans a “shower of cunts” at an airport:

ID: 1238161
ID: 1221188

3. When Harry got pantsed at one of the concerts:

ID: 1221204

4. When Zayn wore this shirt:

ID: 1238004

5. When their single, “Live While We’re Young,” was essentially about having a one-night stand:

ID: 1233874

6. When they had to be reminded not to swear during their performances:

ID: 1233795

7. When Harry said this to a 14-year-old fan:

ID: 1233781

8. When Niall decided he wanted to call his fans crazy mofos:

ID: 1237305

9. When they sang “Teenage Dirtbag,” a song older than a lot of their fans, at one of their concerts:

ID: 1237377

10. When they do pelvic thrusts at their concerts:

ID: 1237795

11. When they casually discuss this in interviews:

ID: 1238051

12. When Zayn tweeted this picture of Harry’s bare butt:

ID: 1237964

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