13 Reasons Why Morning Workouts Are The Best Workouts

It’s a brand-new day! Here’s your chance to start it off on a strong foot. Maintain a robust and blooming body with the real fruits, real nuts, and wholesome multigrains of Quaker Real Medleys.

1. You can roll outta bed and show up at the gym in your sleep clothes!

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Read: You can arrive looking like a hot mess!

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2. You get your endorphin rush!

It will wake you up better than coffee!

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3. The gym is less crowded!

No noisy tweens at 6 a.m.!

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4. Less crowded gym = not all the rules apply!

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5. Less crowded gym = trainers are slower and may help you out for free!

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IF you’re lucky!

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6. And less crowded gym = less crowded locker room!

Don’t have to worry about a co-worker seeing you in the buff!

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7. You can catch a glimpse of the glorious sunrise!

Such beauty in the morning!

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8. You can multitask!

Fill your BRAIN with world news on TV while pumping your HEART on the elliptical!

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9. You’ll have rosy cheeks, so you don’t need to worry about putting on blush!

One less step for your makeup regimen!

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10. No cramping, because your stomach is empty!

Ho! Hay! Pump it!

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11. You have a legit excuse to eat a ginourmous, guilt-free breakfast!

Your metabolism is all pumped and excited now!

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12. But if you accidentally hit snooze in your subconscious, you can still work out in the evening!

Better late than never!

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13. Most importantly, if you workout first thing in the a.m., you get it over with!

So you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day!

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