10 Reasons You Wish You Could Take Your Pet Everywhere

Friends are great and all, but pets make even better companions out there in the real world. Here’s a few reasons why. And even if you can’t bring your pets everywhere, for one day you can experience what it would at LEAST be like to have your #PetsAtWork. Celebrate National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 21.

1. You’d be the most popular person wherever you went

ID: 1269008

2. They understand your body language

ID: 1269037

3. If you lost your keys, they’d get them for you

ID: 1269044

4. They’ll finish your food, even if you don’t

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5. Even when they get frustrated with you, they look cute doing it

ID: 1269085

6. They don’t let anything get them down

ID: 1269107

7. They’ve always got your back

ID: 1269114

… And you’ve always got theirs.

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8. They clean up after themselves

ID: 1269122

9. They give GREAT massages

ID: 1269119

10. And, most importantly, they know that safety ALWAYS comes first.

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