8 DIY Projects Inspired By Earth Day

It’s time to highlight our planet’s beauty and celebrate Earth Day! In the spirit of living a more sustainable and conscious life, we encourage you to repurpose, re-use and reinvent everyday items creating unique pieces that make life more fun.

1. Translucent Statement Earrings

Reinvent single use plastic bottles for a multi-faceted fashion accessory

ID: 2814771

2. Flower Stamped Shorts

Repurpose a fresh or faux flower into a stamp and reinvent denim shorts

ID: 2814776

3. Color Wash Vases

Repurpose jelly and sauce jars by creating colorful vases

ID: 2815691

4. Seed Packet Statement Earrings

After you plant your seeds, cut and decoupage the front image to create some bursting floral jewelry

ID: 2816757

5. Magazine Decoupage Chair

Spice up an ordinary or plain chair by adding bold magazine images to the back

ID: 2815859

6. Water Bottle Chandelier

Collect a case of water bottles to create a eye-catching chandelier

ID: 2815847

7. Denim Wrapped Bangles

Repurpose old denim by cutting up and wrapping around old bracelets, to breath new life into them

ID: 2815681

8. Cutlery Statement Earrings

Reuse a plastic knife from lunch and transform it into a pair of statement earrings

ID: 2816772

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