15 Products You Didn’t Know Came In Kids Sizes

Luxury vehicles aren’t just for grown-ups anymore. Check out these kid-sized luxuries and be sure to watch some pampered kids on Lifetime’s new show - Pretty Wicked Moms - premiering on June 4th.

1. This Tiny Chair

Does this look like a normal chair? Well, it’s not. Only a tiny butt could fit in that thing.

ID: 1182877

2. These Little Pedicure Stations

dreface / Via instagram.com

For the tiniest of toenails.

ID: 1182880

3. This Little Baby Jar Of Nutella

brianaaurora / Via instagram.com

Chocolate hazelnut spread is good at ANY age.

ID: 1182883

4. This Bitty Grocery Cart In An Actual Grocery Store

mylifeasadele / Via instagram.com

Whatchya got there? Kale? Gross.

ID: 1182889

5. This To-Scale Mini Mansion


ID: 1182840

6. These Hipster Glasses

fashionkids / Via instagram.com

You might think that these are just adult-sized glasses on a child, but - you’re wrong.

ID: 1182872

7. This Impossibly Small Graduation Gown


Congrats, grad! You’ve succeeded in turning three years old.

ID: 1182910

8. This Yoga Class Full Of Wee Ones

creative_art_studio / Via instagram.com

Whatever it takes to unwind. It’s stressful, being a kid.

ID: 1182850

9. This Adorably Fashion Forward Shoe

Zara / Via zara.com

It’s just so…classy.

ID: 1182915

10. This Tiny Take On Darth Vader

JD Hancock / Via photos.jdhancock.com

Not so menacing anymore.

ID: 1182918

11. These Minuscule Skinny Jeans

beau_hudson / Via instagram.com

And moustache suspenders!!!

ID: 1182908

12. These Teeny Bow Ties

For every occasion!

ID: 1182922

13. These Baby High Tops

Everyone wishes they were as cool as the kid who rocks these.

ID: 1182925

14. This Baby Vintage Vehicle

Ok. Maybe excessive? Maybe?

ID: 1182928


Exists!! It’s a thing!! Help!!

ID: 1182937

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