17 Lessons You Should Learn From Sigourney Weaver Movies

Sigourney Weaver is a sci-fi queen who knows how to kick butt. You can learn a lot from her. Watch her break barriers—all while leading her family and the country—on “Political Animals” Sundays at 10/9C on USA.

1. Walk softly and carry a big gun.

Alien (1979)

2. Bigger.

Aliens (1986)

3. Make friends with the right people.

Alien (1979)

4. Like Bill Murray.

Ghostbusters (1984)

5. And Alan Rickman.

Snow Cake (2006)

6. Be nice to animals (especially cats).

Alien (1979)

7. Don’t be afraid to eat hot dogs!

Eating at Tail o’ The Pup in Los Angeles, California.

8. It’s okay to wear the same dress as someone else to a party.

You Again (2010)

9. It’s kinda sweaty in space.

Alien (1979)

10. Whatever you do, look fierce.


11. Even if your hair is short, always work it.

Alien 3 (1992)

12. Let people know who’s boss.

Alien Resurrection (1997)

13. But remember, GIRL POWER!

Alien Resurrection (1997)

14. Don’t be afraid of Aliens- beat them!

Alien (1979)

15. Keep hydrated! It’s important.


16. Speak clearly. Everyone hates a mumbler.

Holes (2003)

17. When life gives you orange lamé, look flawless in it.

Ghostbusters (1984)

For more lessons from Sigourney, catch her in “Political Animals.”

Smart, strong, and politically savvy, ex-Presidential wife and current Secretary of State Elaine Barrish Hammond (Sigourney Weaver) has a fierce desire to right the wrongs of the world—whether in international diplomatic chambers or in her own living room. Devoted to both family and country, she’s determined to follow her heart and find a way to solve the problems of both. See her in action in “Political Animals,” Sundays at 10/9C on USA.

You can watch the premiere episode on Hulu now!

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