10 Quotes That Prove Artists Have The Best Outlook On Life

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has an exciting surprise for us all. He’s been working hard on creating a unique variety show, which features artist collaborations from around the world. Don’t miss the inspirational HITRECORD ON TV, only on Pivot TV.

1. Francis Bacon, painter

ID: 2189990

2. Ralph Waldo Emerson, writer

ID: 2190053

3. Frida Kahlo, painter

ID: 2189992

4. Vincent van Gogh, painter

ID: 2190039

5. Salvador Dalí, painter

ID: 2199163

6. Émile Zola, writer

ID: 2199176

7. Henry David Thoreau, writer

ID: 2190022

8. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, writer

ID: 2190043

9. Stella Adler, actress

ID: 2199166

10. Vincent van Gogh, painter

ID: 2199172

Check out the HITRECORD ON TV trailer here!

ID: 2199186

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