Two Ways To DIY Cool Studded Shoes

Give basic black shoes a face-lift with easy studding you can do yourself.

Studded shoes are the perfect combination of edgy and chic and great for fall. Here, two stylish bloggers show you how to make your own, for day and evening.

First up, Sylvia from Dare to DIY transforms a pair of simple black heels.

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Follow her easy steps.

Gather your materials. You’ll need a pair of black slip-on heels, a 45- to 50-inch-long leather or PU strap, flat-based spikes or any kind of studs you like, a hot glue gun, two automatic snap buttons (the same width of your strap), a thimble, black thread, and a needle.

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Try on your shoes and turn the strap around your instep and your ankle to measure the length of the strap you need. Then cut two equal straps.

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Sew the two pieces of the snap buttons to the sides of your strap. Don’t forget to use your thimble as leather is pretty hard to sew through.

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Stick on your spikes with a hot glue gun. Try to leave the same space between the spikes, and leave a slightly larger space on the point where the strap overlaps.

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And you’re done! Perfect statement shoes for a night on the town.

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Next up, Candy from Taylor and Demolish shows you how to make a pair of studded harness boots.

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Here’s how she did it.

To start, collect the necessary goods. You’ll need 1 to1 1/2 yards of leather trim, cone studs, 1/2 yard of chain, 4 large jump rings (1 1/2 inches in diameter), 4 small jump rings (1/2 inches in diameter), a pack of sew-on snaps, a needle and thread, scissors, an X-acto knife, and a ruler.

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Measure a piece of trim that will wrap around the boot. Add 6 inches onto this measurement. Cut this size and place extra trim aside.

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Take your measured piece of trim and cut it in half. You will now be connecting your large jump rings to your trim. Do this by folding the trim about 1 1/2 inches over the jump ring. Sew your snaps onto the inside of your trim.

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Add jump rings to one trim.

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Use an X-acto knife to make slits and add studs to the outside of the trim. Push prongs down with a metal edge, like your ruler or a screwdriver.

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Attach the other trim onto the two jumps rings. Slip this onto the boot.

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Measure the amount of chain that it will take to connect to the bottom of the one jump ring, under the boot, and to the other jump ring. Cut this amount of chain and place the extra to the side. Connect the cut piece of chain to both large jump rings using one of your smaller jump rings on each side of the boot.

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Repeat the above steps to create your harness and you’ve got an awesome way to spice up boring boots!

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