4 DIY Ways To Transform Your Boring Old Bathing Suit

Swimsuits, sadly, are kind of over-priced these days. Turn your traditional one-piece into one of these on-trend swimsuits for practically no money.

Some of the cutest bathing suit trends are easy to make yourself. Here, three talented fashion bloggers demonstrate four different ways to DIY a swimsuit.

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2. 1. Cut-Out Trikini

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Anna at Plan B created this sexy cut-out from an old one piece. Here’s how..

- One-piece bathing suit
- Scissors
- Fabric chalk
- Needle and thread
- A key chain ring.
***(And a fabulous chunky gold necklace to accessorize if you want!)***

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4. Step 1: Pull the bathing suit over a box or a chair to stretch it out.

Mark with the chalk were you want to cut out at the waist, leaving a 10 cm piece in the front center.

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5. Step 2: Cut as cleanly as you can along where you marked with the chalk.

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6. Step 3: Pull and pass the lower part of the bathing suit through the key chain.

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7. Step 4: Sew near the key chain so it won’t move around.

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8. Step 5: Do the same with the top part of the bathing suit, joining it to the bottom.

And done! Accessorize it with a chunky gold or silver necklace to complete a super cool beach lounge or pool look.

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9. 2. Woven Asymmetrical Suit

Anna also transformed an old suit into a woven one-strap. In less than 30 minutes!

- A one-piece bathing suit
- Scissors
- Fabric chalk
- A needle and thread

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10. Step 1: Pull the bathing suit over a box or a chair to stretch it out. Mark with the chalk were you want to cut off one of the straps.

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11. Step 2: Follow the mark to cut it off.

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12. Step 3: Fold less than 1cm of the fabric in and sew with a loose stich or zig-zag stich.

Do the same step at the back, cutting off the same strap that you cut at the front.

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13. Step 4: Mark a curved line with the chalk from the strap to the back.

Use this line as a guide.

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14. Step 5: Make small cuts of 4-5cm along the line, leaving a space of 2cm between each cut.

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15. Step 6: Now you can start weaving.

Start by pulling the fist cut strap over the second and taking the second strap under and over the first one, pulling the straps down. Continue until you’ve woven all of the cuts. This video is a helpful tutorial for the weaving.

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16. When you get to the end, cut the last strap and knot it to the last part of the cut piece.

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Ready for a swim!

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20. 2. Floral Crochet Bathing Suit

This cheery floral suit was created by Marjorie at The Kipi Blog.

- A solid color bathing suit
- Crochet flowers and leaves (the ones shown are from here)
- Sewing pins
- A needle and thread
- Scissors.

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21. Step 1: Place the flowers and leaves on your bathing suit where desired and pin them in place using sewing pins.

It helps to do this while wearing the bathing suit in front of a mirror (or have someone help you pin them on while you are wearing the suit).

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22. Step 2: Next, thread a sewing needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread.

It’s best to use thread that’s same color as the flowers and leaves (i.e. red and green).

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23. Step 3: Begin sewing the flowers and leaves onto the bathing suit.

Stitch along the outside rims using small, simple stitches.

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24. Step 4: When you’re done sewing a flower or leaf, finish off by tying a knot on the inside of the suit then trim off any extra thread.

Keep on sewing flowers and leaves in this manner until complete.

Almost too pretty swim in.

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26. 4. Side Bow Swimsuit

Last but not least, give an old suit an upgrade with side bows, like Aimee from Clones n Clowns.

- A plain black swimsuit
- An old pair of tights
- Sharp scissors
- A needle and thread
- A tape measure (only if you want to keep both sides balanced).

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27. Step 1: Cut six 10cm x 5cm rectangles out of your tights.

Don’t worry if they start to curl.

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28. Step 2: Cut into your swimsuit from the side.

Be sure to leave enough space for your bust at the top of the suit (you can try it on and mark with chalk to be sure).

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29. Step 3: Cut into the suit at regular intervals until you reach the leg seam.

Repeat on the other side making sure you cut at symmetrical levels, and lining them up with a ruler if you like.

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30. Step 4: Take a side section in your hand.

Fold the top and bottom under for a neat finish.

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31. Step 5: Place a rectangle of tights material underneath the section. Tie it in a knot and pull it to the front of the material, creating a bow at the side of the suit.

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32. Step 6: Stitch the bow in place.

Weave your needle and thread through the suit and tights material a few times until secure.

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33. Step 7: Repeat on all sections and on the elastic of the bottom area.

Finished! Way cuter than your plain old one-piece.

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Pippa Armbrester is a quilt designer. Following her adventures in quilting and in life on her website.

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