34 Things You Can Improve With A Sharpie

Who knew this is the world’s most versatile pen?

1. 1. Chair

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A super cheap Ikea chair + Sharpie = an awesome leopard-print seat. Made by this clever blogger.

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3. 2. Wallpaper

An inexpensive (but time-consuming) way to add pattern to your walls. Read more about it here.

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4. 3. Sunglasses

Prettify dollar store sunglasses with some spots, like this resourceful crafter.

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5. 4. Gift Tags

Use old book pages, handmade stencils, and Sharpie to make your own holiday gift tags. Check out a full tutorial here.

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6. 5. Napkins

Doodle cute motifs on plane white napkins, as done by The Salty Pineapple.

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7. 6. Mugs

Polka dots, words, black and white, color — the possibilities are endless. Counter clockwise from the upper left Behind Every Great Man, Mustache, Blue and Red Pattern, Polka Dots, Geometric, and Yellow and Pink Triangles.

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8. 7. Eggs

Doodle on eggs for Easter — or any time of year. From the blog of Alisa Burke.

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9. 8. Pouch

Use neon colors to create a bright geometric accessory. Check out the directions by Dismount Creative.

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10. 9. Leopard Stool

Decorate a piece of white fabric in a leopard print design, then use it to cover up an old ottoman. From Little Pink Monster.

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11. 10. Spin Art

You’ll need a spinart machine (apparently these exist) to make this awesome circular artwork. Watch a video tutorial here.

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12. 11. Sneakers

Turn plain white sneakers into floral, Marikmekko-inspired kicks. Read about the pair shown here.

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13. 12. Dishes

Draw, doodle, or write on a plate, then bake it at 150 degrees for 30 minutes to make it permanent! Clockwise from the upper left corner: Floral Pattern, Monsters, Cats, and Cooking Quote.

ID: 743645

14. 13. Flower Pot

Write your favorite quote or poem around the outside of a white flower pot, like The Craft Pond did.

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15. 14. Pillow

Use rubbing alcohol to create a watercolor-like effect. Check out the tutorial Radical Possibilities.

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16. 15. Twist Ties

A great packaging idea! Decorate twist ties with spots and stripes, as pinned here.

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17. 16. Christmas Ornaments

Use stencils and Sharpies to prettify old ornaments. Check out the tutorial here.

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18. 17. Tie Dye T-Shirt

ID: 745635

Rubbing alcohol can create a tie-dye effect. Find the how-to here.

ID: 745651

20. 18. Lamp

Scribble your favorite quotes, song, or poem on an old lampshade. Check all the details here.

ID: 745699

21. 19. Zenstones

These would be cute stocking stuffers with names and occasions written on them. Made by this artsy blogger.

ID: 745731

22. 20. Message Stones

Tell someone how you really feel. As seen on this blog.

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23. 21. Plastic Bags

Doodle all over plastic bags to mix fun and functional. These were found on Bablisme.

ID: 745768

24. 22. Rug

Add pattern to a blank carpet— with lots of patience. The one shown was created by this blogger

ID: 745840

25. 23. Coffee Cup

A way to pass the time during a boring work meeting or class. Found on Tumblr.

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26. 24. Flower Vases

Paint wine bottles white, then decorate with geometric patterns like this crafter.

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27. 25. Nails

Make them Vivienne Westwood Inspired, as shown here.

ID: 745853

Or polka dots with white nail polish and silver Sharpie, like this pinner.

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29. 26. Necklace

Color wooden washers to make a quick and easy necklace, as done by See That There.

ID: 745855

Or color round wooden beads, like this blogger.

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31. 27. Envelope Lining

Color page reinforcers and use them to line envelopes for pretty invitations or any other snail mail. Check out the tutorial here.

ID: 745863

32. 28. Gift Box

Decorate little gift boxes for tiny gifts — find the instructions and template here.

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33. 29. Stationery

Draw a crosshatch pattern inside stencils for fun and elegant stationary. Check out the tutorial here.

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34. 30. Guitar

A little nerve-wracking, but a cool way to personalize your instrument. Found on this flickr stream.

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35. 31. Dog Bowls

Personalize your pooch’s dishware, like Literary Lama.

ID: 745880

36. 32. Light Switch Cover

Add a pop of color to your walls — and make it easier to find that light switch. Pinned here.

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37. 33. Gift Wrap

A great way to decorate plain brown paper gift wrapping. Read some tips on how to do it here.

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38. 34. iPhone Case

You’ll need the full rainbow of Sharpies, but this would make for a great gift! Find detailed directions here.

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