36 Things Vinyl Collectors Love

Face it, you don’t get any of this with Spotify.

1. That sound when the needle first hits the record.

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2. Finding the perfect record player for your room.

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3. Getting an amazing set of speakers to really complete the experience.

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4. Randomly stumbling upon a sign like this and suddenly changing your plans for the next hour or two.

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5. Supporting independent record stores.

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6. Searching on eBay for deals on rare and out-of-print records.

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7. Colored vinyl.

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8. When the vinyl color is matchy-matchy with the record sleeve.

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9. Picture discs.

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10. White label singles.

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11. Rare test pressings.

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12. 45 rpm singles.

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13. Especially soul 45s.

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14. Crate digging.

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15. Flipping through records in a used bin and having no idea what the next thing you see will be.

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16. A lot of wonderful albums can be found for just a dollar.

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17. Or hey, a 50-cent bin! You can really luck out by digging through these things.

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18. Meeting someone cute while browsing through records. This really does happen; it’s not just in movies!

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19. Those big plastic dividers in record stores, and the super-specific genre names the clerks write on them.

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20. Finding truly bizarre old album covers.

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21. Arranging albums in alphabetical order.

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22. A perfectly sequenced album side.

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24. Inheriting your family’s old records.

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25. Separating stems and seeds from weed on gatefold sleeves.

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27. When new albums come with free download coupons.

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28. Framing album art.

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29. Being a DJ.

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30. Record fairs.

Especially the WFMU Record Fair!

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31. Record bags.

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32. 45 adapters, in all their forms.

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33. Those cute little boxes for 45s.

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34. Just watching the record spin and being sorta amazed that you’re hearing music stored on tiny little grooves.

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35. Having a huge wall of nothing but records.

Living the dream!

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36. And, of course, this feeling.

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