Dave Grohl’s Reddit AMA Gave A Band Their Big Break

A member of The Winter Brave’s roommate shared their song with Grohl, and now it’s blowing up on social media.

1. The Winter Brave are a rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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2. Dave Grohl recently did a Reddit AMA, and the roommate of one of the band members asked Dave to listen to their music.

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3. And Dave was into it!

Just so you know, “totallynotdavegrohl” was, in fact, Dave Grohl. The user name he used was just a joke.

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4. Here’s the story from one of the members of The Winter Brave. Things really picked up for them immediately after the AMA was done.

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5. Here’s “Metaphors,” the song that impressed Grohl and everyone else on Reddit.

Watch the comments as they go along – it’s mostly Foo Fighters fans and Redditors getting very excited about the music.

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6. …and this just a taste of what their Facebook page looks like in the wake of the Grohl AMA.

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