26 Canadian Foods You Need To Try

You’re not living if you’re living without poutine and Nanaimo bars.

1. First things first, we need to talk about poutine.

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French fries + cheese curd + brown gravy. But hey, if you want to add bacon or other meats, go ahead. It’s still poutine and you can’t lose.

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2. Poutine goes with many things in Canada, but it’s best as a side to the glorious Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

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It’s a lot like the pastrami sandwiches you’ll find in New York City delis, but spiced a little differently.

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3. And of course, since Montreal’s Jewish immigrants have their own spin on pastrami, they have their own distinct style of bagels too.

Jonny Hunter / Via Flickr: jonnyhunter

Montreal-style bagels are smaller, denser, and sweeter than New York bagels, and are most commonly found topped with sesame or poppy seeds.

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4. This is peameal bacon, which is basically pork loin pickled in brine then rolled in cornmeal.

It’s a million times better than the “Canadian bacon” you’ll find in the states.

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5. You definitely need to try a Nanaimo bar, which is one of the most common desserts in Canada.

There are a lot of variations in recipe, but the bars are usually made of chocolate ganache, vanilla custard, and crushed cookies. Here’s a recipe.

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6. This is bannock, which is basically a type of griddled bread…

Here’s a recipe for a quick and easy bannock you can make while camping.

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7. …and they’re incredibly versatile.

Here they’re topped with icing and sugar like doughnuts.

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8. You can pretty much use bannock instead of bread in anything. Here are some bannock dogs…

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9. …and here’s a bannock burger.

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10. This is tourtière, a traditional Quebecois meat pie that’s usually made with beef, pork, or veal.

Crondeau / Via Flickr: crondeau

There are a lot of variations in recipe, but here’s a recipe for one made with pork.

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11. Most Americans will never know the greatness of all dressed potato chips.

Joe Shlabotnik / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

It’s kinda like the potato chip flavor equivalent of an everything bagel.

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12. And you might be able to find ketchup chips some places in the U.S., but it’s really a Canadian thing.

Coffee Shop Soulja / Via Flickr: flooded
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13. There are also Hickory Sticks, which are unquestionably the best “simulated potato sticks” on the market.

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14. No one can top the creative flavors of President’s Choice brand potato chips.


Hot dog, feta, and Moroccan spice are just the beginning.

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15. They’re pretty imaginative with ice cream too.

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16. The maple leaf on the flag is no joke. In Canada, it’s ALL MAPLE EVERYTHING.

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17. And of course there’s maple candy-coated bacon.

Jeffrey WW / Via Flickr: jeffreyww

Why would there not be?

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18. Canadian Smarties are totally different from the candy called Smarties in the United States.

They’re pretty similar to M&M’s.

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19. There’s also Coffee Crisp, a candy bar that’s kinda like a big, thick, mocha Kit-Kat.

Also, shout out to Crunchies, Aeros, Mr. Bigs, Eat-Mores, Wunderbars, and Maltesers.

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20. Good luck finding a can of Crush pink cream soda outside of Canada.

They’re hoarding all of it.

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21. If you’ve never been to a Tim Hortons, you MUST GO to a Tim Hortons.

Ricardo Zappala / Via Flickr: rfzappala
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22. Tim Hortons is the home of the Canadian maple doughnut, which is perhaps the most perfect doughnut known to mankind.

It’s basically a Boston cream doughnut, but with maple icing instead of chocolate icing. It’s like a pancake filled with vanilla pudding, and pure genius.

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23. And if you want to mix and match your doughnut varieties, the obvious solution is to get a big box of bite-sized Timbits.

Just pour them into your mouth.

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24. And last but not least, there’s Kraft Dinner.

Americans call it “macaroni and cheese.”

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25. Even when it’s not technically “Kraft Dinner.”

It’s all Kraft Dinner.

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26. And personalized versions of Kraft Dinner.

Kraft Dinner + ketchup, Kraft Dinner + hot dogs, Kraft Dinner + black pepper. Kraft Dinner + literally anything you’re willing to mix into it.

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