16 Small Inventions You Won’t Believe Got Made

From clever to cute to kinda crazy. In their own way, these are all pretty unbelievable. Just like Pepsi NEXT, which you have to drink to believe.

1. Pocket Whiteboard

For when you want to be a scientist but can’t be bothered to roll around your massive writing surface.

ID: 1019866

2. “Stop Talking” cards

Have these handy when someone is talking so much that you can’t verbally tell him/her to stop yammering.

ID: 1019803

It’s all fun and games and tastiness until someone cuts their face.

ID: 1019784

4. Campfire Cologne

It’s a box of maple sticks! Just light one on fire and let the smoke take you to a place of pure ruggedness.

ID: 1019824

5. Quick Pod

Curing bad selfies one picture at a time.

ID: 1019882

6. Stem

This simple device lets you spray juice directly from a citrus fruit. Unfortunately, there’s no warning that you might just start spritzing anything and everything.

ID: 1019843

7. Volume Control Pacifier

If your child won’t stop crying, then maybe some clever graphic design will help.

ID: 1019973

8. Shuella

Not to pick a fight with an inanimate object, but these “shoe umbrellas” looks more like raincoats.

ID: 1020062

9. Little Printer

The most adorable printer prints the most adorable things on the most adorable pieces of paper.

ID: 1020084

10. XL Wine Glasses

Because the only bad thing about wine was having to refill your glass.

ID: 1020167

11. Pluck

While you can separate yolks with just a water bottle, it doesn’t look nearly as nifty.

ID: 1019848

12. TwitterPeek

For when your cell phone, your work cell phone, your computer, and your tablet are all broken, this mobile device is perfect for tweeting (and nothing else).

ID: 1020203

13. The Babykeeper

Now your baby can watch you pee from a distance.

ID: 1020273

14. Pens for ladies

Never forget.

ID: 1020343

15. Cap Zappa

Proof that even once we’re allowed to drink, we still will act like children.

ID: 1020436

16. Hotdog Slicer

The not impossible task of slicing a hotdog just got less difficult. And cuter.

ID: 1019794

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