13 Celebs And Their Adorable Adopted Pups

Anyone can own a dog, but it takes a special type of person to adopt one. Take a look at some adorable pups and their celebrity parents. And to make a difference and adopt a pup of your own, check out PEDIGREE® Woofer.

1. Chez (Adopted by Selena Gomez)

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2. Thurmen Murmen (Adopted by Rachel Bilson)

Alfredo Guzman / Getty Images

Rachel Bilson’s got tons of love for all of her pups. And over the years, she’s taken in quite a few of them from rescue centers, but her most loyal companion remains the darling Thurman Merman.

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3. Denver (Adopted by Charlize Theron)

Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

Meet the love of Charlize Theron’s life, her adopted buddy, Denver!

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4. Kola (Adopted by Kellan Lutz)

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Kella Lutz adopted Kola a few years ago and has since worked closely with PETA to raise awareness for pet adoption.

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5. Wink (Adopted by Selma Blair)

Mike Fanous / Getty Images

Selma Blair is one actress who chose to adopt her best friend. Selma also has a passion for animal advocacy. She’s also a regular volunteer at the Lange Foundation in L.A. where she helps care for injured and disabled pups.

ID: 468819

6. Ziggy And Charlie (Adopted by Mischa Barton)

Paul Redmond / WireImage

Mischa Barton loves doggies so much that she’s adopted two! — Ziggy and Charlie — who go everywhere she does!

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7. Sidi (Adopted by Orlando Bloom)

J. Michael Arnoldi / Getty Images

While filming “The Kingdom of Heaven,” Orlando Bloom also found his best friend. He adopted a black Saluki mix while he was in Africa and the dog has stayed by his side since.

ID: 473500

8. Poppy & Ruby (Adopted by Sandra Bullock)

Eric Ford / Getty Images

Sandra Bullock is another celebrity who has elected to adopt her dogs from rescue groups and shelters. So far, her clan includes Poppy, a tripod, and Ruby, a two-legged Chihuahua (both shown above).

ID: 471713

9. Pixie (Adopted by Wynonna Judd)

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Wynonna Judd, a huge supporter of animal adoption, shares her Nashville ranch with her numerous best friends, including Pixie, a Rat Terrier who suffers from arthritis. Judd adopted Pixie from Animal Haven in New York City in May 2003 while she was helping promote National Arthritis Month.

ID: 471725

10. Einstein (Adopted by George Clooney)

David Klein / Getty Images

Clooney may not be ready to settle down with a lady, but that doesn’t mean he’s not ready to commit to a furry friend. Clooney’s recently adopted hound Einstein has totally won over his heart.

ID: 473256

11. Charlie (Adopted by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne met her rescue pup Charlie at a charity auction to benefit Holly’s HollyRod Foundation. Not only did Charlie find a great home, but he also raised over $10k for Autism. Double win!

ID: 473607

12. Francis (Adopted By Jane Lynch)

Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images

Meet Francis, Lynch’s newest addition to her growing clan of rescue pets.

ID: 473624

13. George (Adopted by Ryan Gosling)

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

What’s sexier than adopting a dog? Ryan gosling adopting a dog. This heart-throb adopted his shaggy dog George when he saw him at the Los Angeles Pound in 2000.

ID: 473530

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