15 Of Our Favorite Dog Actors

Some pooches are just born to be stars! Which is exactly why this list is so a-dog-able! Check out PEDIGREE® on Facebook for a even more adorable pups.


Why we love him: Uggie’s been on just about everyone’s radar this year. After his red carpet premiere at the Academy Awards, this is one pooch that truly won our heart.


Fun fact: While Bullseye is a female, she is often used to play a male dog character.


Why we love him: There’s just something about Puffy.


Why we love him: While Hercules stuck fear into the hearts of the sandlot baseball players, he was just about as ferocious as he looks in this photo.


Why we love him: Although this famous pup is no longer alive, hes pawned a whole slew of comedies about slobbering St. Bernards during his career. And four that we applaud you, Beethoven.


Why we love him: Being a mischievous kid, Timmy was lucky to have a dog as heroic as Lassie.


Why we love her: Just look at that tiny hat.


Why we love him: In the film 50/50, Skeletor showed us that although the girl may not always stick around, man’s best friend will.


Why we love him: Perhaps the sappiest and most famous lab of all time.


Why we love him: Two words: The Slobber.


Fun fact: After Full House, Buddy (who played Comet) went on to play Buddy in Air Bud (1997) and Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998).


Fun fact: Wesley, who played Rags on Spin City often wore makeup to appear older than he actually was.


Why we love him: If all dogs could dog talk, we just hope they would sound like Chance.


Why we love him: His human-like understanding, and often adorable taunting of Frasier.


Why we love her: It’s no secret that the Camden’s family terrier was one of the highlights of this show.

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