12 Paper Dolls You’ll Want To Cut Out Immediately

A few weeks ago, Todd and Josh made their own Ron Swanson dolls, but artist Kyle Hilton has a whole collection of amazing paper dolls. They even come with multiple outfits/accessories. posted on

1. Walter White, Breaking Bad

2. Gustavo “Gus” Fring, Breaking Bad

3. Michael Bluth, Arrested Development

4. Buster Bluth, Arrested Development

5. Gob Bluth, Arrested Development

6. Tobias Fünke, Arrested Development

7. George Bluth, Sr., Arrested Development

8. Ron Swanson, Parks And Recreation

9. Tom Haverford, Parks And Recreation

10. Tim Heidecker, Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

11. Eric Wareheim, Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Visit Kyle’s site for higher-res cutouts, and take a picture with your new paper bro!


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