Your Post-Grad Job Hunt As Explained By "Star Wars"

May the force of a good employer recommendation be with you, young Padawan. Life after college is hard.

1. So you graduated. Now what?

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2. Sure, you’ve got a degree now, but so do 500,000 other people this year.

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3. Did you invent facebook in college? No?

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4. Then it turns out nobody cares that you studied abroad or got published that one time or whatever.

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5. Sux bro. Sorry.

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6. You’re forced to move home.

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7. And at first it’s like WOOOO videogames and pajamas and free fooooood

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8. But then it’s like booo here are all these chores and also can you start paying rent

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Ugh, moms always gotta harsh your mellow.

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9. So you send out close to a million resumes and hope that someone actually reads them.

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10. You get one email back. It’s automated.

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“Dear applicant…” ha ha HA FUCK YOU

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11. You start hitting up whatever connections you have.

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12. Everyone keeps saying you don’t have enough experience.

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14. But you soldier on and churn out those cover letters like it’s your sole purpose in life.

*Because it is. Cover letters and crying into your Two-Buck Chuck.

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15. Someone notices. You’re offered an internship.

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16. I mean, it’s unpaid.

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17. And they’re working you to the bone.

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18. And your boss is batshit cray.

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19. …But at least it’s experience?

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20. You realize pretty quickly you have no idea what you’re doing.

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21. Like who ACTUALLY knows how to use Excel!? Doesn’t everyone just say that!?

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22. And the other day you accidentally got way too drunk at the company mixer.

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23. And even when you do get something right, nobody seems to notice.

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24. But something you’re doing seems to be working.

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25. After all, the other interns are dropping like flies.

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26. But you’re somehow still here!

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27. People start endorsing you on Linkedin.

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28. And asking for your advice on projects? What??//?

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Aawwwww shit son

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29. And then one day you hear those fateful words…

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30. And what’s that? Did some say health benefits?

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31. Fuckin’ nailed it.

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32. Until then? Hang in there. And…

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